Our intention is to make this section a growing library of resources, links and
downloads focused on Christian peacemaking. Below are just a few samples which we
hope will increase over the coming weeks and months.
Fig Tree
Fig Tree is a new initiative to engage the Christian community on peace and security issues. We
aim to preach the gospel of peace in word and deed, and to build and support the Christian peace
community here in the UK.
Fig Tree
20 Wilkins Road , Oxford
OX4 2HX info@figtree.org.uk
45 minute audio recording of Philip Berrigan
The wonderful Phil Berrigan speaking at the Dec. 2001 Faith
and Resistance Retreat after his release from prison for
disarming the A-10 Warthogs.
With thanks to Jonah House
Easter Faith and Empire: Recovering the Prophetic
Tradition on the Emmaus Road by Ched Myers
In first-century Pax Romana, Christians had the difficult and
demanding task of discerning how to cling to a radical ethos of
life - symbolized preeminently by their stubborn belief in the
Resurrection of Jesus - while living under the chilling shadow
of an imperial culture of domination and death. Today
Christians are faced with the same challenge: to celebrate
Easter faith in the teeth of empire and its discontents.
With thanks to chedmyers.org
Dorothy Day TV Interview
A wonderful TV interview with Dorothy Day on an American
TV programme called "Christopher Closeup," broadcast on 10
October 1971. Tom Cornell also takes part in the programme.

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