Student Christian Movement (SCM) Workshop on Masculinity and Violence
Abingdon Peace Group Security and Justice
Birmingham Justice and Peace Called to be Peacemakers
Catholic Worker Nonviolence Training Day
Queens Theological Foundation Christians and Civil Disobedience
Oxford Centre for Mission Studies Biblical Reconciliation
Faringdon Peace Group The growing use of Armed Drones
Swanage Methodist Church With a Reconciling Heart
Chris Cole, co-ordinator of Fig Tree, has a great deal of experience in speaking to conferences
Churches and local group as well as leading workshops on peace and nonviolence issues. If you
would like Chris to come and speak to your group or Church or to take part in an event please
contact Fig Tree via our contact Page.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Workshops and Talks
Fig Tree
Fig Tree is a new initiative to engage the Christian community on peace and security issues. We
aim to preach the gospel of peace in word and deed, and to build and support the Christian peace
community here in the UK.
Fig Tree
20 Wilkins Road , Oxford
With Zoughbi Zoughbi of the Palestinian
Center for Nonviolence at the National
Justice and Peace Conference
Leading day workshop on peacemaking for
the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Northampton
Speaking at The Fellowship of Reconciliation
Annual Council at St Ethelburga's Centre for
Peace and Reconcliation